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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Posted by betwixtmarketing on December 21, 2007

Following the roll out of Web 2.0 and multi media functionality, there has been an explosion in social media which is more widely known as social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.

SMM goals will vary for every business or organisation, however most will involve some form of viral marketing to build idea or brand awareness, increase visibility, and possibly sell a product or service. SMM may also include online reputation management.

The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing
Any and all forms of Social Media Marketing tactics fall under at least one of these five forms of action. Often the same channel will incorporate two or more of these:

  • Declaration of Identity
  • Identity through Association
  • User-initiated Conversation
  • Provider-initiated Conversation
  • In-Person Interaction

Still the best way to improve your search engine rankings is to get as many high quality natural links as possible. Releasing interesting content and promoting it using social news websites can lead to a steady increase of on-topic links.

Building a Blog
Blogs are web site content management systems with additional functionality such as comments, trackbacks and RSS. Blogs are really no different than web sites. Blogs are one of many platforms that benefit from optimisation. Most blog software (such as WordPress or Blogger) offer uncomplicated URL structure, making it fairly easy for search engine spiders to find and crawl blog content.


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